Friday, December 10, 2010

Nude Shoes

I was a little shocked when I looked in my closet this morning. I saw 6 pairs of nude high heels staring back at me. 6 pairs people! When did that happen? And somehow, I still ended up wearing my favorite ones. The pair that has the tap missing on the right shoe.

I must admit it though. Nude shoes go with everything! And they make you look so good, when you pair them with a dress or skirt. All of a sudden your legs look 10 miles long!

While at work today, I was tempted by these bad boys. My boss was wearing them. With a simple LBD. Oh but they looked so chic. And when she mentioned that they are from Target, even I had to stop for a moment.

Yes, these bad boys will soon be mine. Why? Will my other nude shoes get jealous? They might. But a girl can never have too many nude shoes. Especially a pump like this. Timeless. Go get yours!

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