Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hi! I'm Lizzie :)

Hi! I'm Lizzie. A Newlywed. 1/2 of the "Lovebirds." Yes, I married my hubby in June. And we've been so happy in love! Just knowing that Carlos is going to love me forever, that's honestly all that I need in life. :)

I'm a lover of fashion. I work to shop. Yes, I said it. I work so that I can shop. My sister has always been the makeup gal, while I was more into the clothes. I have never cared that I live in a small town. I dress up to go to the Post Office. Or even to go to the local dollar store.

Speaking of my big sister, she's the one that finally talked me into doing this blog thing. We live about 90 minutes from each other. But I miss her so much! Manders is a happily married woman and a mommy to 3! Yes, they're all cuties!!!

That's all I can think of at the moment. And my lunch break is almost up. But come back. I promise to get better. Oh, if I hadn't mentioned it, I work in a cute little boutique. It's so much fun to come to work everyday! Happy Wednesday!

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